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Problematic Black Hottie Logo
Detroit DJ Problematic Black Hottie
Problematic Black Hottie is a DJ, taste maker, personality and an advocate of centering femininity and blackness. Based in Detroit, Michigan (USA) and raised all over the African Diaspora, she combines eclectic global and local  influences with a focus on feminine music too curate a contagious vibe and introduce her crowd to a platter of delectable sounds.
A cultured and educated entertainer, she uses her world travel experience, and background in the study of culture, and society to approach DJing anthropologically. For PBH, her outstanding selecting skills, dubbed “iconic” aesthetic, and ability too curate a feminine centered vibe are her defining factor. With a consistent and trademark sound, look, and style, Problematic Black Hottie became a Detroit staple and household name in less than two years.
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